IFU Documents

1 UMG101-9: Large Spatula-Tube Assembly

1 UMG101-7: Medium Spatula-Tube Assembly

1 UMG101-5: Small Spatula-Tube Assembly

1 UMG102-VH: Vertical Handle Limb

1 UMG103-HH: Horizontal Handle Limb

1 UMG104-HE: Handle Extension

1 UMG-LC: Light Cable

1 UMG105-SA: Slide Assembly Base-Plate, which consists of the following:

1 UMG105-BP: Base Plate

1 UMG105-LCN: Light Cannula

1 UMG105-SCN: Suction Cannula

Zeitels Universal Modular Glottiscope System

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ZVG-101-HA Hook arm assembly

ZVG-102-SA Slide arm assembly

ZVG-104-GB Gear box assembly

ZVG 104-LA Lifting Arm assembly

ZVG-105-SA Swing arm assembly

ZVG-106-VS Vertical Shaft

ZVG-107-CB: Clamp Block Assembly

Zeitels Suspension Gallows

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Zeitels Vocal Fold Infusion Needles

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